All About Online Lottery Guide 101


We all want to win the lottery. With online lottery sites popping into existence more and more, your chances of winning the whole thing can become slimmer each day. There are plenty of helpful lottery strategies you can try for yourself. Here are some of them.

Tracking and analyzing data

One of the most trusted methods for many online gambling players, not only for lotto players, involves keeping track of any pieces of data you can collect. One can use a journal or pretty much any notes to keep a record of all the possible helpful variables you can use in the future.

This makes for a valuable asset, especially as a 4D lottery player where every little bit of helpful information can make a huge difference. Your chances of winning can be determined through all the data you have gathered in the past.

You may want to keep track of all the winning numbers that appear in every draw, take note in which order they appear, how frequent they appear, and even how seldom they appear. All pieces of information count and they can always come in very handy when the time comes.

Similar to any kind of online gambling activity such as betting, any records you possess or crucial data at your disposal are always going to give you an advantage. In online lotteries, the numbers drawn previously can give you a pattern or at least a hint on how frequent and likely it will appear again on the next draw.

Any Singapore lottery organizers would obviously want to ensure pure randomness but that’s just the loophole, even they won’t be able to have control over what can possibly happen during the draw. That said, there is no clear-cut formula in winning the lottery, but you can most certainly always come in prepared.

Wheeling lottery strategy

The next great lotto strategy that anyone can also try is the Wheeling Strategy. If you’re the kind of person who’s not really into testing hypotheses, this strategy is perfect for you. At times, people would simply like to stick to a simple and less stressful kind of playing tactic.

The Wheeling Lottery Strategy is all about betting on your favorite set of numbers over and over. In other words, you are determined and locked in your favorite numbers no matter what happens. For the most part, most people try to use all the numbers that are quite significant to them.

This includes their date of birth, anniversary, all of their favorite football or basketball players and their jersey numbers, and even their personal contact details. People who are accustomed to this type of lotto strategy first create a list of all their favorite numbers.

From there, they try to pick their best ones and favorites. They then use this number over and over for every lottery Singaporedraw they bet on. Some people like to play around with the particular order of the numbers but some strictly bet on the same exact set of numbers again and again until it wins.

Pooling or joining a lottery club

This is one of the most unheard-of lottery strategies out there. Pooling involves “collaborating” with other lottery players in the hopes of better winning the whole lottery. All the players within this “pool” agree to increase the number of tickets and also agree to share the winnings come 4D results.

It’s basic math and this is the kind of strategy that gives anyone a better shot at winning the lottery. However, doing such a tactic is easier said than done. For one, you don’t always find a group of the same people with the same interest that easily.

This takes time and of course, you need to make sure that you gain their trust, too. As for you, you also need to establish good communication and relationships with everyone else in the pool. You must know with confidence that you can all trust them, or else everything will just fall apart.