Do Slot Games have a Storyline?


When slots were first introduced, all machines looked similar and had very limited options. Symbols on the reels in most of them included fruits, numbers, or stars. There were no visual effects or animations. It was similar for the older forms of online slots that resembled the traditional machines found in land-based casinos.

Nowadays, however, there are thousands of slots available online and each of them offers a different theme. Game developers constantly come up with new features and ways to make their games more entertaining. One of the ways to make their games stand out is offering a storyline. You may want to play 7s to Burn slots.

What is a storyline in slot games?

Many people think that playing slots comes down only to placing the bet and watching the reels spin. Nevertheless, slot games can also tell a story. A storyline is a form of a narrative that can include different phases of character development or a series of events. Adding a storyline to slots creates an immersive experience. Moreover, it encourages players to play longer to find out what happens next.

How do slots with storylines work?

If you play a slot game that offers a storyline, after each spin or sometimes every few spins a new fragment of the story will be revealed. If you lose you might never know how the story ends. These games often feature a few modes that you need to complete. When you do so you get more narrative information that is often accompanied by animations or short video clips illustrating the plot. Sometimes players can also enjoy changing backgrounds and music that accentuate what is happening in the story.

Slots with TV show or movie themes

There are a number of slot games inspired by iconic movies and TV shows like Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones, Rocky, or Terminator. Many of them offer interesting narratives that tell the story depicted in the film and let you be a part of it. If you pick one of them you will get to enjoy the music, background, and symbols that you could find in the film.

In some slots you get to decide what move a character should make. For example, if you’re playing the Rocky slot you can pick his opponent and watch clips from the fight.

Is it worth playing slot games with storylines?

Slot games with storylines can make you feel like a part of the story. That can be truly amusing but it can also be annoying when you lose the game, and you don’t get to see what happens in the end. Often in order to get to the final stage and see the ending you need to place many bets and spend a lot of money. Moreover, games with storyline are only fun when you play them once. If you get to the final stage, you will have heard all the narrative. If you want to play the game again after you’ve completed it, you will not enjoy it as much because you will already know what’s going to happen.

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