Features of Playing Online Pokies


To open up the most exciting online casino games and get rewards, you will have to learn how to play pokies. Casinos are believed to draw a huge amount of revenue from the slot machines. Winning casino games rely on luck over anything else. No matter how skilled you are at playing such games, you may sometimes lose the bets and sometimes win massive jackpots that range upto millions of dollars. 

You cannot always win the best online pokies, but you can comprehend different kinds of games that are played at both land-based and internet casinos. Once, you completely understand the different types of games played at the casinos, you can effortlessly choose a machine that helps you meets your desires. There are no tips and tricks that answer your question – How to win on Pokies. However, you can know a few features of the pokie machines. 

Pokie Machine Features

Latest Pokie machines are believed to have a lot of features that keep players coming back again and again. Let us show you a few common features of the pokie machines. 

  • Bonus Slots – This slot is also known as Bonus multiplier and this type of slot offers a pay scale that is fixed and similar to the straight slots. However, there is a difference between the two. This slot results in the form of a bonus amount that is offered as a reward to the winners who wager the highest number of coins. For instance, a wager of one-coin will pay 30 credits, a two-coin wager can pay 40 credits and a three-coin wager can pay straight away 60 credits. 
  • Straight Slots – The machines of this slot have a fixed payout schedule that is expected to rise in regular increments depending on the money that is wagered in the slots. A famous example of the straight pokie is the buy-a-pay-machine. This option is believed to contain several paytables and the consumers get a chance to unlock the most lucrative slots, by adding more coins into the machine. 
  • Wild Symbols – One or more than one symbols on this slot are wild, which merely means that they can take the place of any other symbol so as to make several winning combinations.  This is where Big red pokie is famously played. 
  • Multiple Playlines – Classic and traditional slot machines had only a single payline, but the advanced machines have increased this number to a great extent. They are real money pokies, the games of which are thoroughly enjoyed. Certain numbers are required to lineup on a playline for the user to win. It has resulted in larger payouts and the appearance that players have greater chances of winning. The playline of some games are really small, while of the other range into sever hundreds. 


There are many games and many opportunities such as Wheres the gold pokies. The game involves an old gold digger, in pursuit of the precious metal. If you want to make the best out of it, then you need to choose the best casinos. No matter what approach you consider while playing slots, the ultimate goal is to have fun while playing.