More Facts About Eat-and-Go Police 


Eating and running is a philosophy attributed to professional athletes, office workers on their lunch break, or scholars having an all-nighter. The idea is simple: go out for a quick bite to eat and then leave without paying.

It has been estimated that as many as 100 people per year are arrested for eating and running, and the felony offense can carry with it a hefty fine and jail time. However, information about those who do so has remained under wraps – until now.

Enter Eat-and-Go Police, the first online resource for identifying eat-and-runners by name, photo, and hometown.

Eat-and-Go Police was started by Brady, who became interested in the subject after her family dined at an Applebee’s one day. The group left without paying their bill and were later arrested under suspicion of eating and running, though the charges were later dropped. “It’s truly an epidemic that we’re trying to fix,” she said.

The site has received mixed feedback from those identified as eat-and-runners: some have been supportive while others have threatened legal action against the site for slander, defamation, and invasion of privacy.

Ever wonder if you can get away with eat-and-running? Eat-and-Go Police at 먹튀검증업체 is the largest website used to investigate both sides of the situation.

According to most police reports, most eat-and-runs occur in small family restaurants where one or more patrons walk out without paying their tab. They most often involve groups of teenagers gallivanting about town and then stopping at a nearby restaurant for some food.

The teens will usually make it clear to the employees that they are not interested in paying, usually by asking for an extra side of ranch with their meal.

It is expected behavior to excuse oneself in the middle of a meal to use the bathroom. The teens will then pretend like they are driving off when really they are taking a position for their escape.

They release Pay-per-view with an announcement similar to, “Gotta go drop one!” followed by laughter and the sound of car doors slamming shut. This is done because both parties know no one can be prosecuted for stealing cable.

While most families or groups of people don’t actively seek out these types of restaurants, many times they just happen upon them while trying to get back onto main roads following what seemed like hours spent running errands, doing school work, etc., on little-used side streets which inevitably lead them back to where they had started.

Most of the time, it’s easy to forget these restaurants exist in the first place because no one ever eats at them, and then even if they did, they are most likely to be too busy with children or distracted by mobile devices like tablets and cell phones to remember what they ate for dinner 5 hours earlier.