Tips for setting accumulator bets


If you’re a relative newcomer to sports betting online, it’s well worth getting to grips with the ins and outs of the “accumulator bet,”as featured in the sportsbook of any NJ Online Casino. We’ll walk you through what is and give you some tips on how to put one together it in this article.

Accumulator bets(sometimes called “acca” or “parlay” bets) carry a degree of risk with them (so do all forms of betting, of course), but they’ve become one of the most popular types of betting for a reason.As a form of multiple bet with a relatively small stake, the increased risk they carry over single bets is potentially offset by the much higher winnings they deliver if the wager “pays off.”

Let’s dig a little deeper. With an accumulator bet, you effectively make two or more “bets” in a single wager. And that increased risk we referred to? That refers to the way the accumulator works.You get a payout only when each of the parts of the wager wins. In other words, if only one of the ‘sub-bets’ in the overall bet you’ve placed doesn’t win, the total wager is forfeit.

There are a few caveats. If you’ve, for example, backed a horse in a race that, come the event, doesn’t run due to unforeseen circumstances, you’re accumulator bet won’t be null and void. Returns are simply calculated as though your accumulator didn’t include that sub-bet. 

You can make an accumulator bet on any sport, not just racing or football, although it’s come to be used most often in these sports. You won’t, however, be able to include selections from the same event in your accumulator.This is to prevent bettors trying to place multiple bets on the same horse in the same accumulator, for example. But you can bet on different races or other events held in variousvenues and even in different countries.

A quick note on terminology: if you make two selections only, your accumulator bet is called a ‘Double.’ Three selections, and it’s a ‘Treble.’ Above that, and it’s referred to as a Four-Fold Accumulator, a Five-Fold, a Six-Fold, and so on. There isn’t any upper limit to the number of selections you can make. However, most online casinos and bookmakers cap the number per accumulator so that it doesn’t exceed 14 (some are stricter than others).

Now for a few tips for newbies on how to set accumulator bets:

  • Always research the previousform of the horses, teams, athletes, etc., you’re thinking of including in your accumulator bet before placing a stake.
  • Until you’re familiar with accumulator bets, refrain from betting on more than two or three events. Until you’re more experienced and can “read the sporting runes” more confidently, the probability of loss rises in geometric progression to the number of selections you make.
  • Don’t make your selection decisions purely based on odds. If you’re betting on upcoming football matches, for example, look at the statistics of the previous games. Also, check the teams’ official online sites for any factors that might undermine performance (e.g., injuries, whether the main team is being replaced with a reserve team, etc.).