5 Brain Workouts That Will Make You a Better Thinker


Brain workouts help you in many ways. Most importantly, these equip you with a better thinking ability. So which are the best brain exercises that would enhance your thinking capacity for all tasks? We can suggest you an entertaining workout for this purpose – play free rummy game on the internet or offline with a physical deck of cards. This game is easy to learn. You can become a pro at it after playing a few practice games.

Most of the card gaming websites offer this game totally free without spending anything, unless you choose to play for cash reward. In the below-given post we will discuss how certain brain workouts help you in life and essential even in a game of rummy.

Try Out Mathematical Calculations

To boost your brainpower, you can do simple mathematical calculations. This can be as simple as addition and subtraction. In a rummy game, you have to do both these things. You need to constantly keep a check on the points in the hand. Lower the number of points better will be your game-play. So try and reduce the points from hand by discarding cards of higher points

  • For instance you have two unrelated cards, say 5 of Diamond and 7 of Club. Now if you get a chance to discard a card, you should give away 7 of Club first, because it carries 7 points.
  • The 5 of Diamond carries 5 points. If a rival declares before you do, then the total points in your hand will be counted.
  • Whoever has the lowest number of points in online rummy, will be the next runner up. If you have King, Queen, or Jack, then try discarding these too. These cards carry 10 points each.
  • Until you have cards grouped in a pure sequence, the points associated with each card will be counted. So to reduce points in hand, you can also try to make natural runs.

Increase Your Observation Power

If you improve your sense of observation, you will notice many changes related to memory. You will start remembering and recalling things that you never had. This can help you analyze a situation better. And maybe this would assist in decision making process then. In rummy online you need amazing observation skills. You need to observe the moves of the opponents from the beginning. This will allow you to spot any trick that the rival is trying to play on you.

  • Also, you need to watch out for the cards in your original hand. If you have a bad hand, you can always substitute the unrelated cards with new ones. For this purpose too you need to remain an observant player.
  • So pick playing cards carefully from the open deck (if you may) so as to not leave any clues for the opponent. For instance, pick a card from the discard pile only if it helps in forming a pure sequence.
  • Or, if you already have a pure sequence in hand, you can pick a card from the discard pile to make a set or impure sequence.

Focus and Concentrate

One of the brain workouts to enhance your thinking power is to increase your ability to focus and concentrate. If you try and focus on things around you, there are many things you would be able to learn about the surroundings. This will assist you in understanding things, which would otherwise not grab much of your attention. To win at Indian rummy, you need ultimate level of concentration. The better you concentrate; greater would be your chances of winning the game.

  • As per rummy rules you need to group cards of consecutive order and same suit in a natural run. Now, you must focus in the game to arrange the cards accordingly.
  • Whenever you get a suitable card to complete the pure sequence, pick it, be it from an open or closed deck
  • Similarly, you need to group cards in valid form to make a set or an impure sequence.  In a set, you group cards of the same face value, but of different suits. In an impure sequence, you need to complete a sequence with Joker or Wild card.

Be Creative and Open to Changes

Another brain workout that you can try is to think creatively. Out-of-the-box thinking can many times give you workable solutions. For instance, in a real cash rummy tournament, you have to calculate the stake involved, before deciding to join the competition or not. If the tourney does not suit your interest or goal, you can always look for another ideal competition instead. Also in an ongoing game, induce surprise elements.

  • Those who know how to play rummy can change the course of the game anytime. They can grab a win even in trying times.
  • For instance, change your hand altogether. The random discarding or picking of cards will drive your opponents to sheer confusion.
  • This can give you an advantage and shape your win in a matter of a few moves.

Take Up Challenges as They Come

You may encounter expert players all the time. But, there are ways to get over the card games challenges. You can trick your rival into trusting that you need a card, which you do not in reality. So you compel the rival to hold on to a card and delay his/her chances of winning the game. If you have four related cards, then you can divide these in a pair and wait for a suitable card to form a sequence.

  • Or you may discard one of the cards, and keep a sequence comprising four cards
  •  You may even trick your rival to give a card with which you can form a sequence. For instance, discard 2 of Club, and you may get 3 of Club soon from the opponent.
  • If you have 4 and 5 of Club, then the 3 of Club will help form a pure sequence.

To Conclude

So, follow the above-given brain exercises for boosting thinking ability, which you can enjoy in a game of rummy.