Amazing tips on how to Win a Lottery 


Winning the lottery could be a colossal life-changing instant. Even imagining winning thousands of pounds, you would be at first confused regarding what to do with the money. And if you are thinking about ways by which you would be able to increase your chances at Hanoi lottery (หวยฮานอย, which is the term in Thai), then here are some tips which would help you a great deal. 

Stick to your Number: 

Knowing your lucky would be of great advantage during a lottery. If you have lucky numbers then they would always mean something to you. And this means that you would use them every week if you take part in lotteries. 

Also, playing regularly would increase your chances of winning. And another strategy would be to play less often but when you do, you should be buying more tickets as it increases the chances of hitting the jackpot.  

Play Numbers over 31: 

This is one trick that is often used by veteran players. Play numbers over 31 or through Quick Picks. And though it is not a sure-shot way of winning any lottery, if you do, it would increase your chances of how much you would be getting. Many people play numbers depending on special days of the month, you would thus this way decrease the chances of splitting the big prize. 

Setting up Lottery Syndicate: 

With a group of friends, you would be able to set up your lottery syndicate. With Hanoi lottery, by each of you contributing something every week, you would be increasing your chances of grabbing the jackpot. And most of the time the lottery is won by those who form a syndicate and buy tickets in bulk.  

Certain numbers do come up more: 

Although there is no mathematical significance behind it, you would see that a certain number does come up more often than others. 

Timing the Ticket Purchase: 

Some would believe that the time when you would be buying the ticket would play a great role in determining whether you would be winning the lottery or not. Mathematically there is no point in it but statistically, there have been some incidents. 

When you are buying lottery tickets, you sometimes tend to go over budget which is never a good option. You should go for a ticket dealer you know would be reliable to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot.