Different types of poker games for you 


Playing poker is the best way to keep you entertained in this pandemic situation. It also allows you to win some cash and prizes without stepping out of your homes. No matter what type of poker you want to play, you can find a number of variants on various online websites like idn poker online and many more. The best thing about such websites is that they offer various transaction options to the player that provide great amount of convenience and security when it comes to theft and hacking. If you are getting confused then given below are some different types of poker games you can play online; 

Texas Hold’em 

It is one of the most common poker types that you can find on every online website and it is getting increasingly popular among the people due to its simple playing trickx and techniquex. If you are beginner then you don’t have to struggle too much in learning its rules and regulation. The game is also known as community poker game in which a player receives a certain number of cards. It also allows the player to share cards which are there on the middle table. In the game, if you get 2 cards then its face down while in 5 cards you have to spread in the middle of the table. 

Seven Cards Stud

This variant is usually designed for professionals in poker online casinos games. To play such a game, you have to learn strategies and tricks. The game doesn’t have any community card and each player gets seven cards with which they have to make 5 poker hands. The usually need great skills and knowledge, that’s why it is highly recommended to gather all the information before heading towards the game. The player who is able to make best 5 card hands first will be declared as a winner. 


The game is much similar to the traditional variant and the main of the game is building the lowest ranked hand instead of highest. This is the fact that make the game is a bit interesting in comparison to others. Previously, the game was not popular but as the casino games are achieving hype it is also getting increasingly famous. The razz doesn’t offer any community cards except certain circumstance. Each player on the table is given 7 cards and they have to make the lowest possible rank by using their skills and the first one to build will be the winner.