Distinguishing fact from reality in casino films 


Historically speaking casinos are some of the most well represented places on Earth in things like film and TV series, something that shouldn’t be all that surprising when you consider how exciting these places can be in real life. The casino industry actually has these programmes and films to thank for its exponentially rising popularity these days too, because as soon as people see places like Las Vegas casino complexes on the big screen all they want to do is experience them live in the flesh. 

But here’s the thing: as much as casinos like Daisy Slots get a great representation in films, there is also the problem that it can be difficult to distinguish fact from reality in many instances, giving people an altogether wrong perception of what actually goes on in casinos. There are multiple instances where this is the case, read on for a deeper exploration into the topic. 

Blackjack card counting 

Over the years blackjack card counting has achieved near mythical status, as more and more people realise that it is a tactic that exists. More often than not when blackjack card counting is given a mention in films it tends to be massively exaggerated, as this leads people to believe that card counting is something almost akin to magic, when the reality is that anybody can learn how to do it if they put in the required amount of time. 

Moreover, the general presentation of blackjack card counting in films is that it is wholly illegal, just remember what happened to Zach Galafianakis’ character in The Hangover, where he is ejected from the casino when they realise what he is doing. In reality blackjack card counting isn’t illegal, however if a pit boss catches you doing it they will most likely take steps to eject you. 

The extent of casino security 

Okay, first things first, let’s not get this twisted; modern casino security is exceptionally tight these days, and casinos are amongst the place with the most heavily surveillance in the world. Whilst this is all true, watching films like Ocean’s 11 can make casino security look outrageously complex and hyper-modern, something that just isn’t true to the same extent as what it can look like. 

In Ocean’s 11, for example, the heist team have to navigate a seamlessly endless number of obstacles, and these even include the classic laser security system that is regularly portrayed in diamond heist films. Of course, casino vaults have to be very very well protected, but the presentation in films like Ocean’s 11 are a bit of a stretch. 

Poker in casino films 

There have been countless poker scenes in casino films, however it is very rare that a filmmaker is actually able to genuinely portray the atmosphere of a real life high stakes poker game. Casino Royale did come close, with James Bond showing his poker skills, however it still didn’t get to the root of what it means to be playing in such a high stakes poker match.