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Unlike the casino in classic format, the online casino offers many bonuses for players wishing to take advantage of them. Indeed, users have the possibility of this type of bonus:

Welcome bonus: this is the biggest bonus offered to players allowing them to obtain a large starting amount as well as numerous free spins. Only registration will be required in this context;

Deposit Bonus: This exclusive deposit promotion allows you to benefit from an average bonus amount on any deposit. An interesting asset for the players;

No deposit bonus: No deposit or prior payment will be required for players wishing to obtain this no deposit bonus. Simply go to the platform concerned to benefit from it;

Promotional Bonuses: Online casinos tend to offer promotions to all players. These promotions make it possible to obtain advantages specific to each platform;

VIP club bonus: the VIP club is a private sphere to which players have access by respecting strict criteria. The more persistent you are, the more likely you are to be part of this selective club.

How to play blackjack? From its origins to the rules, you will know everything how to play?

If you are still a beginner at blackjack, you should know that this game is not very easy to understand at first, unless you surround yourself with good partners like Marc for example, one of the best players in Switzerland. Indeed, there are many bets available in the game of blackjack, but also a few rules and codes to respect throughout a game, whether you play online or in a land-based casino. Go for the Situs Poker Online this is important.

However, if you have the thirst to learn and have the time to read our articles, you will be able to benefit from all the advice of our experts to familiarize yourself with the best of table games.

The origins of the game of blackjack

At first, there will be nothing better than to immerse you in the world of online blackjack by discovering its origins, but also its extremely fascinating history! Indeed, if the card game comes from a mixture of several French entertainments, the game blackjack really took off in the United States, in the casinos of Las Vegas around the 19th century. Besides, this card game is surrounded by an incredible legend and a very special myth concerning the different theories of card counting. You will be able to see that science has also participated in the craze around the game of the Black Jack.

The progress of the game

The blackjack rules can be complicated for uninitiated players. Indeed, online blackjack requires some prior knowledge before embarking on any quest for gains or achieving blackjack table strategy. Here is how this game is played:

  • The croupier deals two cards to all the players present.
  • The players choose whether or not to take an additional card.
  • The result of the map obtained is observed by all the participants.
  • Obtaining a card bringing your total higher to 21 will make you lose the game.
  • Otherwise allowing you to continue your game.
  • Victory will be awarded to the player or dealer with his total closest to 21.

Your initial bet may therefore be increased depending on the cards you have obtained in the game.