How to play Baccarat in an online casino – learn the rules to win


Baccarat is the simplest of all casino games to learn. In fact, once you bet, the deal follows a strict procedure and is played automatically. Playing baccarat is as simple as playing 918kiss online slot games. Before you start playing, learn how to play real baccarat and you’ll understand why you won or lost your bets.

Learn How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat is a game that has increasingly gained popularity in online casinos due to its simplicity and because it is one of the few games in which the chances of the house are not greater than those of the players. On the table is marked where each player must bet (from 1 to 15, the number 13 is ignored). The table is marked with three boxes in front of each player’s number, so they can place their bets. Players bet on one of the three boxes. The cards are distributed between the Bettor and Bank boxes, placed in the center of the table.

The objective is simple

The objective of the game is to get as close as possible to a total of 9 points. There are not many decisions to be made, as the rules are predetermined. In Baccarat the game starts with the dealer distributing two cards to two different hands, in which one hand is known as the player’s hand and the other is called the banker’s hand. Another reason why Baccarat is considered a simple game is because the dealer will do all the work, the player will only need to choose his type of bet. In this context, there are 3 types of bets that the player can place: Bet on the player’s hand, the banker’s hand or on a tie.

Baccarat betting options

Unlike online blackjack and similar games, you don’t play “against” the dealer. Instead, you bet on the Bank or the Player to win. The first type of bet you can place is to bet that the Player will end with the best hand, closer to nine. This type of bet is sometimes called “Punto Bet”. You can also bet on the Bank, which is the most favorable bet, with the house advantage of only 1.17%. In other words, the casino will deduct a 5% fee, which will be charged only if you win the bet. You can bet on the result in which the Player and the Bank end up with the same total.