How to register on the most popular Pkv Games application


Some players are definitely not difficult to register / register on the pkv games application, but not many players still don’t know how to register for the pkv poker qq games application.

Click “Register” on your pkv games application

  1. User Name: Fill in a unique username, because there are so many players who use it, of course it will definitely make someone use your nickname, if it has a green check it means that the name can be used.
  2. Password: Fill in a password that is easy for players to remember, and difficult for people to know, don’t make it easy for people to know.
  3. Password Verification: Fill in exactly the same as your password, if it has a green check, it means that it has been successful.
  4. Full Name: Fill in the name according to the KTP and ATM Card Number to be registered, to make it easier for withdrawals or deposits.
  5. Contact Number: Write down your mobile number, use an active number so that the admin can easily contact you when there is a problem.
  6. Email: Use an active email so that the admin can process member personal data.
  7. Referral Code: This referral code is usually obtained from your friends who have played on the online gambling site Pkv Games, you don’t need to fill it in if you don’t have a referral code.
  8. Bank Name: Select the name of the bank you use and provided by the online gambling site provider.
  9. Account Name: The personal name written on the account, don’t get it wrong, because this is to make it easier when making transactions on online gambling sites.
  10. Account Number: Enter the account number carefully, because usually there is an error in filling in the account number, make sure the selected bank has the same account name and account number as ownership.

After you finish registering, try looking for the pkv games application provided by the online gambling site provider. Usually online gambling sites provide 2 download files for Android or iOS, so download them according to your cellphone. After that, follow the installation steps requested by the application. After success, you can start playing online gambling on the pkv games application.