Let’s know about Bandarqq?


Bandar99 is an online casino game which is very easy to play and understand but for the beginners there is a help guide provided by the company. There is a whole rule book to know how to play it which is very simple and easy to catch in no time. But before starting to play this we should have to know about the rules which are given below.

1)    This game can be played between a minimum numbers of 2 people to a maximum number of 8 people.

2)    One of the players has to act as a city but if there is no City then the game will not start.

3)    Each player will be dealt 2 cards including the city.

4)    The highest value of the city is 9.

5)    The lowest value of the card will be 0.

6)    The winner will be announced on the basis of the value of the player card.

What are the important things to understand before start Bandarqq?

If you are a lover of these kinds of casino games which are played online with easy tricks and rules then you should understand its rules first. So, you will be able to win the game of the bandarqq effectively. 

Apart from all these facts another thing which has to be considered is calculation of value of the card. It’s completely ok to first understand the calculation of the value of a card before you start to play this game. The method of calculating card value is if the value of your card exceeds the value of 9, and then the value of your card is reduced by the number 10.

Let’s understand this method with an appropriate example
 7 + 6 = 13 – 10 = 3, so the value of your card is 3.
If the value of your card exceeds the value of 19, then the value of your card is reduced by the number 20.
Example: 12 + 10 = 22 – 20 = 2, then the value of your card is 2.

What are the tricks to bet on this game?

  • First the player has to determine the table on which the player wants to play.
  • After that he has to choose a place or a chair that he wants to sit on to play.
  • Then he will be given 8 seconds to determine the bet he wants to place.

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