Online Casino Vs Land-Based Casino Betting: The Key Differences


Below we compare casinos online with land based casinos by looking at the key difference between the two!


Online casinos offer a more comprehensive range of games and have hundreds or even thousands of different options. In land-based casinos, several players take turns playing a limited number of games, which does not happen when one plays online. Most land-based casinos have numerous games, but online sites have much more.

Land-based live online casinos have diverse gaming options and a wide choice for all types of players, from classic poker to an assortment of slot machines, but online gambling casinos offer more varieties. Land-based casino games are limited depending on the size of the facility, but online casinos do their best to provide players with more types of casino game.

New games are constantly being added to the already extensive casino library to always have more options beyond the same old games. The game structure, rules and table-based tables of the games remain the same. Players have the choice of playing with live dealers or on the computer.

Ease of Access and Upkeep

Land-based slot machines and video poker machines work the same way and play at the same speed. The advantage of playing at an online casino is that you can play any time. If you want to play,  you need to travel to the land-based casino. For online gaming, all one has to do is log in on the computer or mobile device and start playing.

Online casinos allow players to participate without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. Players no longer need to physically move and touch items during online casino gameplay, which reduces the time and hassle spent in upkeep. However, this convenience comes with a price. Since gameplay is all digital, one does not experience the tactility of the games.

Costs and Bonuses

The proliferation of online gambling in all states has resulted in minimal tax revenues that may or may not meet high expectations (see the case of New Jersey).  Still, online casinos are more cost-effective and generate higher returns than land casinos. Return to Player (RTP) for online gambling has a higher return than traditional games in physical casinos.

Land-based casinos offer a variety of promotions and rewards, including unlimited free drinks during the game. However, online casinos let players have similar bonuses like cash-back offers and other incentives which they can claim and redeem, as in the case of slothitz. There are exciting bonuses that add additional value to the players’ accounts and maximize their wagering experience.

Ultimately, the players themselves will be the ones to decide which they prefer – online or land-based.