Online Casinos Continue to Thrive


It has been a difficult year for many different businesses as uncertainty around the future continues to face many, but one industry has been moving from strength to strength throughout the year breaking a number of records and looking to be in a strong position heading in to 2021 – online casinos. The growth has come for a number of different reasons, and although there have been attempts to slow the growth, many have fell short as it seems inevitable that online options will soon replace offline traditional locations.

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Unique features – The biggest selling point for online casinos has been within the unique features they’re able to offer the growing number of players – from the ability to play multiple games at once to the registration process as a growing number of no verification casinos here are becoming available for ease of use – it’s little wonder why offline locations are struggling to keep up when the ability to provide users with more niche and unique requirements can only be fulfilled in the online space, and not something more traditional locations will likely be ever able to offer.

Diversity in play – Another big factor has been within the diversity in play options available online – whether this be in the unique games that are available for play or the growing number of supporting services out there – sure online casinos may not be able to match the hospitality from a real world location, but they more than make up for it in diversity of games available and for many that’s more than enough to tip the scales, particularly when larger jackpots and deposit bonuses are made available too.

A pandemic fear – It can’t be ignored that the fear during the pandemic will certainly hurt offline sites and help online sites in the future – social distancing for example will likely remain in some form for a while to come and will continue to have an impact for brick and mortar locations. Even outside of that, before the wider scale vaccine rollouts occur, many regular players may just be cautious when visiting and would rather err on the side of caution sticking to safer online methods of player, and could be a bigger reason why some offline locations will have to close again either temporarily, or permanently.

Ease of access – Often the most understated, but likely the most important factor comes with ease of access. If you live near a casino, it’s easy to simply drive over and play, if you live far away you have to commit to a longer trip with all of the expenses that come along with doing so – or you can simply pick up your smartphone, tap a few buttons, and you’re away – the savings from not making the trip can go toward your deposit, and all of the winnings go directly back to yourself without any need to account for travel arrangements. Ease of use and accessibility could turn out to be the most important factor in the online vs offline battle, and could be what tips the scales for most.

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