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Instead of making your sports bets in tobacco shops, it is possible to make them online, it is quite simple, easy and practical to bet online. Just choose a good sports betting site, register quickly and introduce the payment method.

You must first know the tricks to increase the chances of winning sports bets by making forecasts or following the advice of specialists.

You could through our site:

  • Understand the different odds of bookmakers.
  • Choose the right sporting event to bet.
  • Have the opinions and advice of sports betting professionals.
  • Improve your sports betting methods.

First of all you have to choose to make토토 sports bets online instead of making them in tobacconists, making sports bets online is more advantageous than doing them elsewhere since it is a more secure, easy to use and reliable.

You will find several bookmakers who offer different odds depending on the importance of the event and the sport bet.

Present day Situation

Nowadays, bookmakers put many types of bets at your disposal, which gives you the possibility of seizing all the opportunities present online. Among these types of bets, it should be noted that some are less risky than others.

In general, the double chance bet is considered to be the best way to establish a reliable prognosis. We are going to present to you in more detail the characteristics of the double chance bet as well as the various tips for using it wisely.

The double chance bet has some similarities with the simple bet, except for one detail. Indeed, if you are going to have to bet on the final result of the match in the same way, you have the possibility here to tick two boxes instead of one: victory of team 1 or draw, victory of team 1 or team 2 win or draw or team 2 win.

You are betting on two potential results instead of one! Of course, the odds of your bet will still be lower than that of a simple bet, the risks being reduced. The double chance bet is particularly suitable for football since draws are an integral part of the sport. This type of bet can concern both the result at the end of regulation time and that at the end of any extensions.

Example of double chance bet

The online casino plays their qualification for the knockout stages of the Europa League with the reception of Inter Milan. During the first leg, the Belgians lost on the score of 3 goals to 1 and must therefore achieve a real feat at home. You want to bet on this meeting but you have a hard time defining one possible outcome. You therefore opt for a double chance bet on the match FC Bruges – Inter Milan. The ratings are as follows:

  • 70 for a FC Bruges win or draw
  • 30 for a draw or Inter Milan win
  • 50 for a victory by FC Bruges or a victory by Inter Milan

You imagine an open match with on the one hand offensive Brugeois and on the other Interistes ready to seize the slightest sign of weakness. You therefore place a double chance bet amounting to 50 euros on a victory of FC Bruges or a victory of Inter Milan.

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