The key to Winning the Poker Online Solutions


The key is discipline in Poker. A notable contribution to our success and therefore to the possibility of making money, comes from the ability to fully understand one’s own psychology, to know our limits even before studying the psychology and limits of our opponents.

The final goal is only one, always making the right decision, the more times we make the correct move, the more we will win, on the contrary the less times we will do it, the more we will lose. David Sklansky , a well-known American mathematician and poker player, who became famous for having contributed significantly to formalize and apply statistical principles to the game of poker, states in his Fundamental Theorem of Poker : 

Many poker online players, about 90%, fail to win because they do not understand the game , they know all the rules of course, but they have not really understood everything behind, they try to play and win as many hands as possible, but they have no idea that what matters is just making as much money as possible.

It sounds strange to say, but the first thing to learn is that those who win money at poker don’t play many hands.

A simple example

Assuming you have the basics of the game, otherwise take a look at the Wikipedia page dedicated to the Texas Hold’em Rules, we begin to understand how to play correctly, in order to make money, starting with a simple but illuminating example:

  • We are playing against another person and we are served 2 aces. Our opponent hides KK. We finish “all in” preflop. The flop is smooth 10 – 4 – 7, the turn is a Q, the river a K that takes everything away. We start cursing and blaming bad luck. In fact, the single case was decided by luck, as 8 times out of 10 AA beats KK. 

This concept is fundamental, and on it we will base a large part of our idn poker game strategy. It is important to note right away that if we replay this hand 1000 times, statistically we will only lose 200. Let’s say the stake was 10, now we have lost 10, but the good player knows that, regardless of the final outcome of this single hand, such a situation in the long run will make him win 8 every time he shows up, so even if he lost, he still made the right move.


In jargon it is said that this move has a positive expectation, and it is by following this concept that we can make money at poker . It’s like playing heads and tails and winning € 1.50 when heads and losing € 1 when tails. We are happy to keep tossing the coin, the more we play the more we win. The math says it. That’s why the concept of positive expectation is very important to understand how to make money with poker, we’ll be back to talk about it soon.