The number of decks causing a difference in the blackjack RTP


Blackjack, as a popular casino game, gives you a lot of fun. However, a minor difference in the gameplay can affect the RTP. It is also relevant to the number of decks present in the game. 

The RTP shows the amount the casino will pay you back after the gaming session. But, the casino always maintains its profit margin while setting the RTP.

The RTP may vary significantly. According to the UKGC, it did not set any minimum percentage as the payout. For some slots, the RTP is about 80%. Every time you place a bet of £1, you will 80p in the future. Most commonly, the casino calculates it on at least 100,000 spins. In case of blackjack, roulette, and other games, the RTP is stable. 

For instance, in roulette, 37 slots are present on the standard wheel. By placing 37 bets of about £1 on a particular number, you may anticipate a single win.The RTP in this game can be around97.3%.

Factors affecting the house edge of blackjack

While playing blackjack, you may need to do some complicated mathematics. A good understanding of blackjack will enable you to enjoy the gameplay. Based on the dealer’s card and your own card, a single action delivers the bestoutcomes. The rules of the game can also affect the RTP of blackjack online NetBet.

In most cases, online casinos host blackjack with a house edge of 0.4% to 1.5%. It may also be lower for some cases. The number of decks can affectthe casino’s house edge. Other relevant factors include-

  • Dealers stand or hit on soft 17
  • Players doubling after a split
  • Split aces
  • Players doubling on the first cards


The house edge may get quadrupled when you move from a conventional-style single-deck game to the double-deck one. In the game of blackjack, you will need to play hundreds of hands, although it is a small bet.

The blackjack RTP is similar to othercasino games’ RTP. You can play the game with your bonus fund, and get the optimal benefit from it.

Thebest online casinos present you withseveral variants of blackjack games. Some of them are innovative variations of the classic game. But, you must learn the RTP before playing the game.

More decks- A higher house edge

You may have dealt a 10 while enjoyingthe single deck blackjack. You can make an easy calculation. You will find 51 cards in the deck, and you have already used one of them. 4 of them may be aces, and your chance of getting an ace card is 7.84%.

However, imagine that the casino has added more 415 cards to the deck. The presence of additional decks will make your card counting process complicated.

Thus, these are some intricate facts related to blackjack. As a beginner, you can play a single-deck game. You will find it easy to deal with the cards and make the calculation without effort.