UFC champion Amanda Nunes challenges Kim Kardashian to a FIGHT


UFC champion, Amanda Nunes, took to Twitter recently to challenge famous reality star Kim Kardashian to a fight. The reason the two times world champion from Brazil “called out” Kardashian was because of comments made by Dana White, president of the UFC, after the fight between YouTuber Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather. 

A match that would blow all the others out of the water

White criticized the boxing match between Paul and Mayweather and speculated about what a huge event it would be if Kim Kardashian were to fight Amanda Nunes. It would be the match of all exhibition matches since Kardashian dwarfs Paul with her number of online followers. 

If Kardashian took up the challenge to a fight in the Octagon, for sure online sports betting would see some unbelievable action, too. 

Nunes latches onto White’s comments

Nunes quickly latched on to his comments and jokingly decided to follow up, saying, “Hey Kim Kardashian. Let’s do this.” She repeated the challenge later in an Instagram post. Nunes is considered one of the greatest women fighters in UFC history and fighting against celebrity socialite Kim Kardashian would offer some good entertainment. 

Kardashian’s boxing experience

The glamorous Kim Kardashian has only one other fight under her belt. In 2009, she took part in the ‘Kardashian Charity Knockout’ where she lost to actress Tamara Frapasella while cheered on by a crowd that included her sister Khloe and mother, Kris. Kardashian would probably need her whole family and a crowd to come even close to putting up a fight against bantam and featherweight champion Nunes with her vicious fighting style and lethal combos. 

Nunes versus Cyborg

Former UFC rival of Nunes, Cris Cyborg, responded to the idea of a Nunes versus Kardashian match by saying she knew about another fight the fans really wanted to see. Nunes knocked Cyborg out in 2018 and she obviously still wants revenge. The two are now in different organizations so a rematch seems unlikely.

It was certainly a strange turn of events when Nunes decided to challenge Kardashian. Betting events of all types are increasingly popular with sports fans today and it will be interesting to see what kind of events could lie ahead in the future that would offer great entertainment value.

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