Weird Gambling Laws from All around the World 



Gambling is a recreational activity that is restricted in several parts of the world. It is illegal at many places, yet people love enjoying it. The chunks of restrictions imposed on the games are huge, and this is generally done to keep frauds at the lowest. However, there are a few laws associated with the game that are very difficult to explain and understand. Have you ever come across such awful and weird gambling laws? Today, we will talk about a few weirdest forms of gambling around the world.​   

Few such laws imposed on the game are based on the culture of that place. Know a few of them below, if you are not aware of such rules and obligations.  

No Dice for Craps in Canada – A dice is the key piece for several games that are played all around the world. They are proven to offer the most simple and easy solution to randomise a game. They are also believed to create luck for the players. But, when it comes to playing Craps in Canada, using dice is illegal. It was reported that some establishments are using remote-control dice, and therefore, they were completely banned from usage. They think Dices are Poker Analysers

Bingo Laws in North Carolina – Bingo is a game that many fans love playing. It was played with friends and family in their free time to pass chunks of time easily. But, in the USA, North Carolina, it is not allowed to host Bingo tournaments for two consecutive days. Also, there is a limit to playing a single game. You cannot play a game for more than five long hours. If such rules are broken, then the person found guilty will lose the license.  

Dog Racing is illegal in South Africa – Racing games are very interesting, and any kind of​racing event invites gambling interests and betting in larger amounts. Although betting is legal in South Africa, betting on racing dogs or racing altogether is illegal in South Africa. Greyhound Racing is very common in several countries worldwide but in South Africa, it is considered as animal cruelty.

Japanese Restrictions on Gambling – In Japan, only a few so-called regular betting activities are legal, otherwise every form of betting or gambling is illegal. There are some exceptions to this rule that includes motorsports, horse racing, lotteries, etc. The country of Japan is deeply touched by the cultures and traditions. Pachinko is also believed to be listed as one of the exceptions in Japan.  

No locals are allowed in Casinos in Monte Carlo – Monte Carlo is one of the highly luxurious gambling destinations worldwide. You will find a lot of casinos in the city. Surprisingly, all the casinos are only visited by the tourists visiting Monte Carlo. This is because there is a law in Monte Carlo which states that the citizens of this city cannot enter the casino unless they are working there.  

There is growth in igaming New Jersey Market. There are a lot of odds of winning the​ lottery. The rules discussed are not the strangest laws in general. You will find more similar​ to these in other parts as well.  

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