– 3 continuous explosions experience when hunting pots


Positive hand rotation luck will come, this is a very familiar saying of gamers specializing in playing tofu. However, this gameplay is almost as rare as finding a needle at the bottom of the tank, there are also many lucky players and many players who have not once experienced this excitement. Because where? Because normally players only deposit money and turn red to explode, black then out of capital. If you want to get victory by participating in the pot, you need a very wise investment, skill and luck.

In fact, there are no fixed bases or methods that can help players hunt pots with a 100% win rate. But there have been many times of losing money and many have learned from it. The following secret will help players create a higher percentage of the explosion and not lose too much money.

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The secret of hunting pots has the highest rate of explosion

  1. Calculation in gameplay

First of all, the player needs to determine the amount of capital spent. If you have 3 million capital, you can hunt for jars in room 1k, 30 million to hunt jars in room 10k. The numbers are only estimates, in fact, you just need to calculate them carefully, the amount of capital will be significantly lower. Because if you want to win, you don’t have to shoot any style, you have to know which session you should choose to match. However, the calculation is also very complicated. From experience, players should not remove lines 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,19,20 because almost 80% will win.

Of course, if you spin all 20 lines, there will be advantage and the probability of hunting the jar is also higher. If it is possible you should shoot full lines, but choose a timing. One more thing when you want to hunt for pots, do not spin automatically because it will be difficult to eat and also very quickly run out of money.

  1. Determine the right time to hunt for jars

In fact, the more people participating in the game, the more explosions and explosions take place. However, each pot will be up to a certain level before it explodes. With years of experience in pot hunting, it is easier to shoot during the day to shoot pots. However, there are also jar hunting games that tend to be the opposite. This player only needs to observe the explosion history to be able to update more detailed time and make an accurate prediction.

  1. Tips to help% hunt high pots with constantly changing gameplay

When spinning the jar, the player needs to adjust the spin speed. This means fast recording, slow rotation, and steady hand rotation to change the time between shots.

Should log out again if you feel bad.

If while playing your account is not lucky, please transfer money to another account instead.

When you are in red, you should immediately have a big win streak, the bonus should be rotated evenly, not too fast or too slow. At this point, do not reset your account, neither can exit your account nor switch games. By 30% you will be explosive at this point. Many of you think that big win is satisfied and stop switching to another game. However, you should focus more in the moment because you have a 1/3 chance of being aggressive.

In addition, you should use a very stable network connection to avoid being happy when the strings are broken.

Delicate when changing rooms. Many friends, when exploding in a small room and moving to a bigger room, continue to explode. This is considered a chain reaction and has a pretty high% win rate.

There is no such thing as absolute, but with the sharing of effective pot hunting above, we hope to give you the best support in the game..

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