Lottery Heroes gaining popularity with simplified betting process


You are among one of the many fans of lottery in the world and Lottery Heroes understand the same. To increase the potentiality of winning, the platform offers all the lottery enthusiasts an opportunity to take part in the biggest lottery draws in the world. For instant winnings the platform also offers various non-lottery games including scratch cards.

Lottery Heroes Syndicate

The Lottery Heroes platform feature syndicate and under it fans can play hundreds of number combinations, but without owning or buying such a huge bulk of tickets.

This is a good cost saving strategy as one needs to buy simply a certain amount of tickets. All these tickets bought by several fans are collectively called as syndicate. Such an arrangement increases the chance of winning.It can change life within seconds. It can help in winning a fortune.

Lottery Heroes Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are always the biggest concerns for people while opening an account on such gaming or lottery websites as lately internet is flooded with hackers.

However, with Lottery Heroes one important factor is assured that the platform never shares or sells personal information to any third-party or unauthorized individual with the consent of account holders.

Moreover, it is learned the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) used on the platform has been bought from Amazon. All the data is encrypted and no one can access it. The website is also monitored 24/7 to keep it safe from hackers.

How Lottery Heroes Work

Things are simple and straightforward here. Both experienced and newcomers users are welcomed. Below are the steps to follow to play lottery on the platform:

Choose – The first thing required is to choose which lottery one wishes to bet on. There are a total of twenty-one options.

Pick – Lottery Heroes have added several interesting game modes and enthusiasts can pick one. The feature is available for syndicate, combo and a single game as well.

Buy – Once the mode is chosen, it is time to buy a ticket. Choose the numbers in ticket and pay for it.

Check – Following the draw check the results to know whether you have won it or need to wait. Lottery Heroes send alerts to those users who have won a prize.

Lotteries to Play

Before choosing the game mode, users can check out the lotteries made available on the platform to play and win. Currently there are 21 lotteries and below are those:


Euro Millions


Mega Millions

Oz Powerball

El Gordo

Daily Million

Cash4 Life

6 aus 49


Florida Lotto

Lotto PL

New York Lotto

Oz Lotto

France Lotto



Irish Lotto


La Primitiva

Lottery Heroes offer Scratchcards

A easy way win is what most of the fams could be seeking. Lottery Heroes has come up with the idea of scratchcards to make it possible. These are virtual scratchcards and no prior knowledge of a game is required.

Scratching the cards reveal some symbols. Users need to have matching symbols to win. It is simple and quick. There are a total of nine such scratchcards and each has its own price tag.

The scratch cards include:

Bicho Mania

Horseshoe Scratch

33 Chances

Double Chance

Black Cyber

Super Shamrock

Raid the Piggy Bank

Stuffed with 100s euros


Problem Solving

Lottery Heroes have a sound problem solving system. Firstly, its FAQ section is well designed to answer most of the questions or solve most of the issues. The other ways to get satisfactory responses are through live chat, online contact form, email and phone call. All the support services are made available 24/7.


Lottery Heroes platform is one of the most popular and simplified lottery systems in the world. It was launched about a year ago and within a short span of time has reached an uncountable number of fans across the world. Offering a plethora of lotteries in different languages, the online lottery platform has helped many to win prizes easily. It has increased the chance of winning a fortune with features like syndicate and combo syndicate. It follows the policy of international standard privacy and security. It never shares personal information of players with any third-party.