Online Casino Success in Livestreaming


The online streaming platform Twitch has most notably known for its successes with the growing esports scene as the biggest online tournaments and competitions are broadcast for free, and as individual content creators pull in millions of viewer hours throughout the year too. Although facing a little drama recently with a question around safe content on the site with the growth of the “hot tub” section of Twitch but following the change a gap opened up for another market to fill the space and that has certainly come through with the growth of the online casino section, particularly aimed around slots.

There have been a number of well-established slots streamers for quite some time with some even starting way back in 2014 with a steady and consistent audience, but also those only now recently emerging whilst finding a new interest in the space, but that isn’t to say there aren’t difficulties yet to overcome. Although all streams are marked as 18+ and require a registered account to view them, there’s no verification for viewers to actually be of age and with that in mind there have been concerns that there could be some underage viewers tuning in, and with the large amounts spent and the long hours too it may need to be something the platform addresses moving forward to ensure viewer safety.

It’s also important to consider potential advertisements and sponsorships too, whilst it’s required for the content creators to disclose if they are being sponsored for a stream, there is the belief that some aren’t particularly with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in their account and the age-old question of whether or not odds are being tipped in the player favour too, as it is something that has happened for other services in the past. The platform may even have to supply some support for the creators by perhaps even restricting the number of hours they can stream the content, one of the biggest on the platform recently had to step away after admitting a potential addiction forming because of the long hours he had been playing for, often going for fourteen to eighteen hours per stream.

It is a good period of time for online casinos and online streaming in general however as some examples of the biggest services thrive, as the opportunity provided to even be able to stream the content has allowed for many of these creators to find a home doing what they love something not easily available to all, and will continue to provide those entertainment hours for those most interested in the online casino space and gambling as a whole which will certainly only become more interesting in coming years with the introduction of things like virtual reality continue to change the gaming space.

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