Online  Solutions for the Poker Options Now


With a few brief hints you can already follow the course of the game in online poker, you will discover how to bet and you will understand better when your hand is winning. With only knowledge of the poker rules you are not there yet, only by practicing a lot you develop your own style that makes you better than all other players at the table. Always seek opposition that is just as strong as you are. It is not useful to challenge too strong players of poker99, they quickly get you out of your money. Playing against too weak players limits your development.


If you have mastered the poker rules you can join a poker room, where you will meet players from all over the world. The software you need to play is always free to download, 100% virus free and easy to install on your computer. Registration is always free and new players are entitled to attractive starting bonuses. Online poker ensures that your game level increases significantly, you gradually learn how to win.

Playing poker on the internet

Playing online poker is fast, if not very fast, the shuffling and dealing of the cards is automatically much faster than by hand. This is an advantage for most players, because many rounds can be played, much more than in a live game. The experience you gain in the shortest possible time is worth gold.

You do not have to put on a poker face when you play poker online because others cannot see you, psychological parts play a smaller role than in a live game. However, there are small clues that can be important, such as the time a player needs to play their hand. For example, if the waiting time is long, it could be a sign that the opponent is struggling, or it may have gone away for a while, so be careful.

Be selective with your starting hands

How do you rate a poker room?

Novice players are often reluctant, they are afraid of losing money. But with a sensible approach I have a very nice hobby where you can continuously improve yourself. Choose a poker site that is reliable, clear, has good player support and sufficient offer for novice players. Rate poker rooms for things that matter to you.

Quality of the poker software

  • Make high demands on the graphic design and user-friendliness.
  • Offer of tables: how many different gaming tables are open daily and what is the level of the players at those tables.
  • Does customer service work quickly and accurately and how do they deal with any problems? Pay particular attention to the entire procedure regarding depositing and paying out.

Is the mode you like to play also offered?

Poker bonuses

Every poker room would like you to play poker as a new player. They are willing to persuade you to join them and keep playing. They are happy to make you an attractive proposal to ensure that you play. To attract players, the poker rooms release a number of bonuses, free money that you receive as a new poker player. If you are going to play, play with a purpose and never money that you cannot afford to miss. And make sure you arrange the highest bonuses for yourself, because that’s where your profit starts. You can use the poker bonus to see if you like the poker site. Use this money, there is actually no easier money. Your poker bonus can add up considerably, so it is recommended that you register with a poker site as soon as possible in order to receive a free bonus.

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