Play Lotto SA Online with YesPlay and Get a Chance to Score a Juicy Cash Reward!


If you do not care for smaller lotteries with a limited prize pool and instead want to try your luck at a fun and exciting game with mind-blowing rewards to the luckiest champions, RSA Lotto 6/52 is the game to consider. Lotto 6/52 is a fun and profitable twice-weekly lottery game from South Africa, featuring a set of simple rules and a straightforward betting structure that even the beginner player can cope with.

How does RSA Lotto play?

The game holds its draws two times a week – every Wednesday and Saturday night at around 9 pm SAST. It plays with a pool of 52 numbered balls, out of which six numbers and a bonus ball are drawn at random. The player who guesses all six winning numbers correctly qualifies for the most massive cash reward. For players looking to increase their winning odds, RSA Lotto has two additional draws – Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 – that are part of the main lottery and occur on the same days and times as the primary RSA Lotto game.

When they choose to wager on the results of the RSA Lotto 6/52 game online via convenient and modern platforms like YesPlay, South African players can expect to have a much wider range of betting options available to them. Instead of betting on all six numbers in each SA Lotto draw, YesPlay gamblers can pick one or two balls to wager on and activate a variety of additional side bets, including Unlucky numbers (bonus ball excluded), Bonus ball, Odd/even balls, Divisible numbers, etc. To score a prize payout, YesPlay bettors need to match all their selected numbers with the ones drawn. 

How to play RSA Lotto online with YesPlay?

If you want to put your luck to the ultimate test and play this fun lottery game on YesPlay, here is more about how to get started:

  1. Create a YesPlay account and deposit enough funds to pay for at least one lottery ticket.
  2. Pick up to five numbers from 1 to 52 and decide if you want to include any additional side bets.
  3. Decide on the number of tickets and draws to play. 
  4. Confirm and pay the cost of the ticket(s). 

Apart from providing the latest winning numbers in real-time, YesPlay keeps track of all historical Lotto SA results. Anyone can see which numbers have been lucky in the recent past, break down and analyze relevant game-related statistics, and set their betting strategy up for huge wins.