Step By Step Guideline To Follow To Play Qq Online


The online casino demand has increased drastically in recent years. Several individuals can now play online poker games that include playing on smartphones, laptops, or any electronic device. There are numerous perks of playing online casino games. QQ online is a popular poker game and if wish to play, let us discuss the step-by-step rules to follow the qq game online. This includes:

In one of the qq games, the table can be played from 2 to 8 gamblers using dominoes as a tool game. Each gambler who plays at the table will get two domino cards. You can compete with the other player by betting the value of the cards achieved.

In the beginning, gamblers will select a game table that has betting guidelines that can be seen before participation in the game. If the gambler wishes to select a table whose betting guidelines are 10,000 rupiahs, then at the start of the game all gamblers who take part in the game should install as per the guidelines on the game table. All gamblers will get 2 cards and are given time to evaluate the card value, once it is over, all gamblers will open their card and only one gambler will win the game.

Know About Card Scoring

Before moving on to the card scoring details, gamblers should first understand what values can be achieved from one domino card. A set of dominoes include 28 cards where one dominoes have two parts, one is placed above and another one is below that has a red dot which will observe the number of dots as the card value.

For the two cards assessment got achieve by qq gamblers, it is sufficient to look at the points number from the two cards and sum up all the points. But you must keep in mind that the highest card value for every gambler is 9. So if the total of the two gambler cards exceeds 9, then the gambler’s value only takes the back point of the total points obtained from the two cards.

Winning Criteria for QQ Online

In the first round of the qq online gambling table, there will be only one winner so there are rules to win the game apart from having the highest total value. And at the end of the qq game, if there are two or more gamblers who have a similar card value and when the value is the highest in that round then there are provisions to consider the winner. They are as follows. 

The gambler has a balak card, which means that a card has a similar number of dots both at the bottom and top with the highest value. The gambler has the card with the highest number of dots in one piece. If there are 2 or more gamblers who have in one part, the same number of points then it will be seen from points in the other part. Make sure that you follow these rules while playing qq online.