Who is Free Bingo No deposit best for?


Free bingo no deposit is a lucrative deal which manages to entice many new players every year to join a new online bingo site. Some of these players are brand new to the game promotions at Barbados Bingo whilst others are seasoned veterans who are looking for a new challenge. 

Why do Sites Offer No Deposit Free Bingo? 

It may seem a little counter productive for bingo sites to offer no deposit free bingo games for players to enjoy. After all, bingo sites main goal is to make a profit by winning money from players. The truth is that no deposit free bingo is actually a great promotion to run in order to attract new players to their site. No deposit free bingo bonuses are enticing to just about every player and with such strong competition on the market, many bingo sites are offering this bonus with a low wagering requirement so they can stand out from the other competitors. Bingo sites know that the promotion is simply for players to understand and use, there is little room for confusion about what the deal entails. 

Benefits and Disadvantages of No Deposit Bingo 

There are many benefits which players receive from using no deposit bingo. The first benefit is also the most obvious, it allows them to play bingo for absolutely free. Due to the nature of bingo games, it is perfectly feasible to think that you have a chance of winning even if you are playing because of the no deposit bonus. This leads to another benefit which is only applicable to newer players, playing for free gives them a great opportunity to get used to game mechanics of online bingo without having to worry about losing money. Unfortunately, there are also some drawbacks to no deposit bingo. The main drawback which players will encounter is the wagering requirement. This is a restriction which sites place on players which means they have to wager an specific amount before they can withdraw any of their winnings. Sometimes this wagering requirement is on a strict timer as well! An example would be if a bingo site was offering players a free £15 no deposit bonus with a wagering requirement of x5. This means that players would have to wager five times the initial bonus amount before they can withdraw any money! Another drawback is that bingo sites will often only let players use the no deposit bonus on certain games where the player has significantly lower chances of winning, such as bingo games which are filled to the brim with players. This means that although it is possible, the actual chances of winning while using the no deposit bonus are very slim. 

Final Thoughts – Who Should use No Deposit Bingo 

No deposit bingo is mainly targeted toward newer players and for good reason, they stand to benefit the most from it. Although more experienced players can sometimes use this bonus, they will find themselves getting frustrated by the restrictions placed on their withdrawals and game selection.