Betting with care – how to protect yourself when gambling?


You want to have fun while gambling, but the fear of addiction is casting a shadow over your games? Here’s what you need to know about the prevention of compulsive behaviors and other dangers that may appear on the way. Bet safely!

Gambling can be a source of great fun and a way to earn a little (or even a bit more than a little). However, falling into compulsive behaviors is nothing unusual, and it’s worth taking measures even before you start noticing such patterns in yourself. Is there a way to gamble safely without the possibility of entering an addiction? There is always a certain risk; however, there are tools that can minimize it.

Preventive rule: watch yourself closely

Obviously, there are some gamblers that will never fall into the addiction pattern, keeping their betting a casual “weekend” activity. These usually treat betting as a fun activity and do not pay much attention to the money aspect. Nevertheless, you can never fully know whether you are prone to compulsive behaviors in gambling. Even if until now you haven’t had tendencies to such, the betting can awaken it, just as anything else. That’s why monitoring your behaviors is so important. If you feel that you’re losing objectivity, it’s time to move on to measure number two.

When you notice compulsive behaviors: self-excluding scheme

This solution developed by UKGC enables gamblers to take back control over their casino patterns. By registering for it, you choose the period during which you will be prevented from entering the casinos. The service is free and covers UK-licensed websites and apps. As for now, it is mandatory for the UK-registered casinos to be connected with the UKGC self-excluding scheme. That is not the case with the websites registered outside the United Kingdom.

Non-Gamstop betting sites

Some gamblers search for Gamstop alternatives. When choosing so, be attentive to the license. If you’re betting with care, the first rule is to avoid using non-licensed websites. This way, you minimize the risk of losing funds and other problems that often occur when gambling on such. The non-licensed websites often fail to deliver impeccable services. That’s why it’s so significant to verify all the betting sites not on Gamstop you’re using in terms of licensing.

Gambling can remain both fun and lucrative activity if only you pay attention to your own behaviors. If you notice any compulsive patterns, do not hesitate to reach out for professional support. This way, you will keep yourself safe.

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